Automatic Scrubbers

CT110 Rider Scrubber BT70
$13,587.00 $9,495.00as low as $206.04/month
CT15 Compact Automatic Scrubber
The CT15 offers exceptional productivity in tight areas.4/5 Gallon14" - Brush DriveScrubs in difficu..
$2,995.00 $2,465.00as low as $53.49/month
CT30 Automatic Scrubber
The CT30 is the ideal fit for a variety of small- or medium-sized jobs. Its compact body and lowered..
$3,603.00 $2,995.00as low as $64.99/month
CT40 Automatic Scrubber
The incredible compact size, large tank capacity, and ease of use of this 20-inch automatic scrubber..
$5,329.00 $4,595.00as low as $99.71/month
CT70 Automatic Scrubber
The CT70 provides the productivity of scrubbers twice its size in a very small compact design. T..
$7,942.00as low as $172.34/month
Fang 20 Pad-Assist Automatic Scrubber
Engineered to withstand heavy, daily use in commercial applications.  This is a brand new unit!..
$6,950.00as low as $150.82/month
SC1500 Stand On Scrubber
Boost your cleaning productivity with this new stand-up automatic scrubber. The SC1500 stand-up scru..
$6,299.00as low as $136.69/month